Museum of Capitalism
Competition organization: Museum of Capitalism, California, U.S.A.
Year: 2016
Project: Mattia Darò

Project Statement

The capitalism now is spreading all over the world.
The idea for the museum is not to choice a specific place but to do a museum/cruise that can arrive in any country with the sea.
To visit the museum there are two possibilities:
1) get on the cruise and make a trip above the boat, for an immersive visit.
2) have a short visit when the boat stops in a city harbor.


Entering in the boat you will enter in a country of nobody, receiving a new identity, a fictitious name, and you will automatically accept the new social rules (a sort of game, as the David Fincher movie “The Game”), accepting behaviors often linked to the capitalist activities not allowed outside as the possibility to kill the others (as in the Elio Petri movie “The 10th victim”), or for some sexual transgressions between persons unknown with masks to remain anonymous (as the swingers club in Stanley Kubrick “Eyes Wide Shut”), or for the consumption of each type of drugs (as the “squid”, the illegal electronic device as a new form of drug in Kathryn Bigelow movie “Strange Days”) or strange monsters or iconic myths, as cult movie characters living in the areas (as in a mix between a Tolkien story or a hollywood party).

The boat is organized as an old modernist hotel or a cruise ship (show rooms, casino, entertainment areas with exhibit or events equipments or private rooms for visitors cruising).

The structure is based with 4 stairs/pillars that support the different slabs ribbed, a sunscreen system characterizes the façade.

ENJOY in the museum/cruise of capitalism!