degree thesis course a.a.2018/19
theme:  the redevelopment project of the historical museum of communication Poste Italiane District in EUR, Rome

history of contemporary architecture a.a.2018/19
theme: contemporary icon laboratory in contemporary architecture for the production of themes

interior design a.a.2017/18
theme: “vacanze romane”, the project of a holiday home in the centre of Rome

history of contemporary architecture a.a.2017/18
theme: visions, monuments, programs, contextuals, indifference, provocations in history of contemporary architecture

degree thesis course a.a.2016/17
theme:  the redevelopment project of the Eliseo theater foyer in Rome

exhibition design a.a.2015/16
theme: “mediterraneo”, an exhibition about the conflicts in the waters of the Mediterranean at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome

common spaces design a.a.2014/15
theme: the design of a new pizza resturant (competition participation)

common spaces design a.a.2013/14
theme: the design of a new platform of a subway station in Rome

shop design a.a.2012/13
theme: the design of a show room of the future

shop design a.a.2011/12
theme: the design of a store 7x7m with 2 different but integrated activities

exhibition design a.a.2010/11
“Rome checkpoint”, an urban set-up as the gateway to the historic center of Rome